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Thought I'd share some pics of the unusual A/C system in 898.  The front portion that's visible looks completely normal, but the blower and manifold ducting seems to be unique.  I have spoken with Bill Lavinger (owner from 70's to 90's) who has known the car since delivery and owned three Mangusta's (898 included).   According to him this A/C system is factory original to the car and the only one he's ever seen or heard of.

The blower box is separate from the vent box with a splitter or manifold attached to it, from there it has a 50mm tube feeding a vent on the lower left side of the car, just under the dash below the ignition switch.  The middle outlet is 60mm and feeds the normal vent box and the right outlet is another 50mm tube that feeds an underdash vent on the right side.  The system was non-op when I got the car and I am having a new condenser and hoses made, have purchased new 50 & 60mm tubes and will advise as to it's effectiveness when it's all back together.

I included a shot of the inside of the glovebox to show that there is no glovebox, just a view of the ducts and manifold.




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Wow, that is so wildly different from the standard Goose AC...Esp, the integral fan+condenser box is not at all the normal Ayacsa box--but close enough to actually fit. And for the original owner to attest that it is original, just hard to argue with first hand information. And hard to believe its not true--thinking that someone would have gone so far to keep the original Ayacsa outside appearance (instead of dropping in a completely different evaporator unit) is far less believable. Unless there is a date code on the motor that says "patent pending 1978 Made in Taiwan" I'd have to think this was an experiment by DeT...Lee

I wondered if the Ghibli might have similar ducting...  Just looking at it, it's clear it's not a homebrew solution.  The manifold/splitter fits the evaporator box perfectly and is clearly a production (for who knows what) item.  The ducts have some sort of serious staples attaching them to the manifold/splitter.

The blower motor looks a LOT like a Pantera model, except to get the motor/fans out, the shell comes apart in a top half / bottom half manner.  From what I've seen on Pantera's the motor & fans detach from the shell at the rear.

It's a 4 wire blower motor (3 speed).  The vents on the left and right have no markings on them it all.  When I have a chance I will take the evaporator box apart and look for any markings in hopes of finding more info.

The engine goes back in this weekend !!!   


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