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Wow, that is pretty scary stuff, and that's the kind of mistake I would easily make. I think we tend to blindly assume that if we can buy stuff it must be "relatively safe", without realizing the potential hazards of seemingly simple combinations or methods of use.

Thanks Larry!

Then again, sometimes shit just happens. A couple years back I was in the attic treating some termites to terminex, and a few drops accidently dropped on a hot spot light I had. For about a year my leg muscles were twitching, very low endurance, high pitch in my ears all the time...essentially felt like calling 911 almost daily as it really felt like I was going to die. Coincidently I had taken Keflex penicillin for an infection at the same time, so the Doctors still don't know what really occurred, maybe bad drug reaction, poisoning from that interaction with the chemical on the light, or something else, who knows. But anyway, now I am much more careful with chemicals & such. Live and learn, sometimes the hard way.
It can be even simpler than that - 2 examples:

1. When I was a kid I wanted to get my canvas Keds really white again so I combined Clorox bleach with ammonia I think in the bathtub - basically made chlorine/chloramine gas and did a pretty good of trying to sear my lungs!

2. Fast forward 20+ years and am making Kung Pao chicken with my new wife for a dinner party - we had never made this before and were working from a recipe. It called for stir-frying the small, fresh, red asian peppers in oil in the wok before going on to stir-fry the chicken itself. Put the peppers in and perhaps the oil was a little too hot . . . . an instant huge cloud of white smoke filled the kitchen - basically a capsaicin mushroom cloud that sent everyone in the house running outside gagging and retching! LOL - what a party! Had to blindly remember to shut off burner before I made my own escape or the house might have burned down!!
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