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I have Moroso valve covers and two Moroso breathers, push-in types, and no PCV system.They work fine except they smoke and it�s a little smelly if I park it in the garage after a hot run. I usually let it cool down outside.

Even though the breathers use a long, snug grommet, the breather and tube pop off easily (leaving the grommet still on the valve cover). It's great for adding oil , but one side (the one closer to the rear) seems to fall off under full throttle launches.

I got a PCV system from Hall that looks pretty cool that bolts on to the openings in both valve covers with 2 nice stainless hoses. I haven�t installed it yet, but I have a few questions:

1 � Will I lose HP using such a system or is it too little to worry about?
2 � I don�t really want to make another opening in the valve cover to add oil so what would happen if I used just one side and closed the other � with a cap on the breather tube.
3 � Or is there an easier solution � like flat, light breathers that won�t fall off, or new screw-in fittings for the valve covers so I can screw in the breathers?

I'm curious about what others have done. Thanks for your help.


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