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Hey guys, sounds like a great time but we are already registered and paid for the qualicum beach car show that same weekend. Its here on the island and much bigger. I dont make it to the mainland much anymore due to time and business constraints. I apologize guys. Have fun and give me a shout if any of you ever come over to the island. Im sure Peter may be game though.

I was going to make another run up North on that weekend as part of my moving upheaval but, if David is going to come all the way from Montreal, then I will postpone and surely get my sorry ass to Vancouver.

How are we going to make this worth David's while? A roadtrip, perhaps? Not that long ago we were talking about going to Washington state, and I have since acquired a recommendation on a particularly conducive highway there...
We need to figure out a way of transporting our cars between East and West that is economical. Using the big trailer works only if you have 6 guys willing to participate and share the cost.

I just bought a couple of nice new shipping containers for my move, and keep looking at them thinking they would be absolutely perfect for shipping one car in each in a totally secure, hermetically sealed environment. They could be modified to accommodate two cars, if necessary, although loading and unloading the top car would be a big challenge.

I wonder how much it would cost to move a 20' container from Montreal to Vancouver...
No interest from my area to join me in driving
to Van this weekend. Weather has been terrible -
snow and rain. I decided to stick around Canmore.
Steve M. meets up with Herman and some more
Italian car owners and drive in together. Google ''Vancouver Father's Day Italian car show & shine'' and you will get the scoop.
Hope to see you soon!
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