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Below is a list of items that I have and are just taking up space while I am restoring my car. Please let me know if you want pictures, prices are Best offer.

Delta Wing with end caps: Good condition, minor cosmetic blemishes which can easily be fixed with repaint. Currently White.

Original Campy Wheels with goodyear rubber, tires look good.

Hall MKIV Ultra Wheels in good shape, wrapped with Perrelli tires. Tires are in OK shape, some dryrot is starting. Wheels come with caps and knock-off simulators

Original space saver tire and gas canister. Tire and canister look good. Canister label needs replacing (not concourse by any means).

1 Pair of seats, vinyl and cloth. Very good condition.

1 pair of seats, needs to be reapolstered and have foam replaced

Badges in good shape

Hall Big Bore Headers for 351C 4V, Used. I believe these are hall big bores, had an interference which required the use of a hammer, so the Fwd most tubes are pinched. Uncoated and have surface rust.

Flo-Kooler water pump for 351C, used for ~300 miles then engine let go (engine letting go is what started the restoration)

JFZ rear calipers, Never installed.

Billet Coolant caps with DeTomaso Logo

Various Stock parts, A/C, Electrical etc.

Thats all I can think of at the moment, have other bits and peices if you're looking for something let me know.

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OK, gonna try to answer a buch of questions in 1 post.

Hall MK-IV Ultra Wheels: Ive been getting a lot of question on these, and I should have given more info on them in the original post. They are 15" wheels, 8" wide fronts, and 10" wide rears.

Ron, I have all the badges. The Ghia Fender badges are in very good shape, the detomaso and pantera badges are in moderate/ok shape.

Tony, please send me a PM with your email addy so I can send pictures.

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