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Does anyone have advice on how to get the knurled adjustment knob off a Veglia clock adjustment stem so as to access the face and the rest of the mechanism ?



I want to pull the face off it and put a new glass into it , and get the mechanism working again. Any hints on typical issues or repairs would be gratefully received.


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  • clock face
  • Knurled adjustment knob
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I've never opened one of these newer quartz, but there can only be one way to remove the cap---the hard way (!).  At least the earlier clocks (with mechanical movements/metal knobs/metal case as on 60's cars/Mangusta) used a screw on the front but had a keyed shaft to remove the knob-- I will not be surprised at all that these later ones were glued down. My suggestion is a soldering iron: place the clock face up, heat the shaft and when the glue softens pull the knob. Same process as a vintage guitar tuner knob... There really must be no option to this.

As well, replacing the bezel may be really hard here---at least for the other big gauges, the bezels went to very thin aluminum when the cans themselves went to plastic. I've seen guys on Ebay who have restored the plastic-can clocks, but must require a LOT of patience to work these apart...Lee


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  • clock stem on earlier Veglia with metal can
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