When my engine was rebuilt a new oil pressure sending unit was installed. The gauge indicated about the same pressure as before rebuild. Dyno testing showed higher pressure when running and idling after warm-up.

After about a thousand miles the gauge started to act in an erratic manner, showing low pressure and sometimes showing slow response to the engine after startup.

I decided to have it and the sending unit checked. The engine did not make any strange sounds and I thought it was too early for bearing failure. I was hoping to match the gauge and sending unit, I suspected that the car may never have had a good match.

I sent the gauge and sending unit to a shop that I found in Hemmings. They were unbelievably slow but did a good job.

> The Veglia oil pressure gauge, after 36 years was tested and proved to be in excellent condition, accurate and steady.

> The sending unit was faulty, so several were tested with the gauge under controlled conditions and one was selected.
The brand is NEIHOFF, part # 24761.

It tested one PSI low on the first gauge mark, the left side that was considered to be 18 pounds. It was also one PSI low on the middle 35 PSI mark. The top 70 PSI mark was right on the money.

With readings this close I feel great about the solution since I understand that most gauges are way off.

I suppose that other Veglia gauges in Mangustas could be different, requiring a different sending unit but I suspect that the gauges are pretty close. I have had no problems with the gauges in general.

Dick Ruzzin
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Would you or anyone else on this board have an idea of where this Niehoff part could be obtained? Sure would like to see if it would work the same in the P-car. Thanks!
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