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Detomaso Pantera #4503.

Known history from new.
Sept. 1972 build date.
Shipped July 20th 1973.
Sold at Merlin Lincoln Mercury in Camden, NJ on Jan 4th, 1974.
Moved from Pennsylvania(I have the license plates) to Oregon back in August, 1978 with 20,160k.
I purchased the car on July 13th 2018 with 29,845 ORIGINAL miles from its long term (41 years) 3rd owner.
#4503 is a VERY ORIGINAL and unmolested Pantera, in a rare factory color "Mid Blue". Matching #'s. A very rare find these days.
Original equipment still with #4503 thats often missing;
+ Fiberglass rear trunk liner
+ Original space saver spare tire.
+ Original spare tire hold down.
+ Original can of space saver tire inflator.
+ Original jack and 2 piece handle.
+ Original leather tool roll. Unfortunately some of the tools are missing. I did buy a reproduction set of 4 wrenches for it.
- Original emergency window winder was lost by shop doing restoration work. I found a original factory winder to replace it.
+ #4503 has a Veglia clock mounted on the dash. These were normally only found on GTS models.
The 3rd owner of 41 years kept meticulous maintenance records, with dates and mileage noted.
The only deviation from stock when I purchased #4503 was from the 3rd owner;
÷ Valve covers were replaced with aluminum Detomaso. (Originals gone)
÷ In May 1984 at 24,435k the rear speader bar was replaced with a adjustable bar. I got the original when I purchased the car and reinstalled it. I kept the aftermarket one and will include it with the car.
÷ Shocks were replaced with a full set of Koni shocks with springs back in August 1984 at 24,700k. (I have all 4 original shocks, springs and spacers). The shocks are currently in good working order. I called Koni about age / rebuilding them. I was told, "If they aren't leaking. Don't worry about them".
÷ Exhaust Manifolds were replaced with Hall Big Bore aluminized Headers back in Sept. 1984 at 24,828. The original manifolds are gone. But I found and purchased ($444.81 shipped) a original set of OEM exhaust manfolds to go with the car. They will be included in the sale.
÷ Both rear tail lights were replaced with "Euro" version, that have a amber turn signal lens, back in March 2000. Both originals were put into the boxes the "euro's" came in and saved. They are included with the car.
Recent work /service during my ownership;
When I first picked it up. I did the following;
Napa Legend Premium 24F battery.
2 gauge cable Negative Battery Cable.
BF Goodrich T/A Tires on 7/25/18. Fronts are 205/60R15. Rears are 255/60R15.
Oil, Filter and spark plugs.
*NOTE- The original Autolite Carburetor was rebuilt with a factory Autolite kit and the fuel pump changed by the shop in salem the brokered the deal between the seller and myself. Unfortunately despite repeated requests for a receipt for the work done and stock mechanical fuel pump. I never got one.
Basically the car sat unused in a heated garage since the mid 80's. (Again, I have extensive documentation) It needed mechanical refreshing from age / lack of use when I purchased #4503.
I saved my money and bought the following items (date of purchase) and had them ALL installed at the same time. The shop had the car between Dec 2019 / Feb 2020. Mileage was at 29,845 in and 29,847 miles out.
- (4/22/19) PI Motorsports Aluminum Radiator kit for $1619.00;
*Aluminum radiator with 2- 14" "puller" electric fans installed. System came with all the sensors and relays. (I have/kept the original radiator/fan set up and is included w/car.
* Stainless steel radiator tubes (look factory stock) and rubber hoses to connect the stainless pipes.
* 8 Body grommets, Thermostat, Radiator cap.
- FlowKooler Hi Flow Water pump part #1648. (original water pump included w/car)
-  (5/9/19) $1,864.36 Willwood brake caliper upgrade kit (uses stock rotors) with parking / emergency brake kit. (original calipers included w/car.)
- (11/27/19) NEW $ 599.95 (+$32.85 ship) Brake Booster with NEW master cyclinder from PI Motorsports. Looks just like stock. (I kept the working originals and are included w/car)
- Purchased from Hall Pantera (1/3/20);
~ Inner and outer rear bearings
~ 2 rear axle spacers
~ Both Left and Right rear axle nuts (they are different)
~ Rear Lower A-Arm bushing kit. Replaces rubber bushings with greasable bushings.
~ Rack and Pinion bushing kit and dust boots.
~ Both Left and Right Front Axle nuts (like the rears, they are each different.
~ All of this added up to just over $700.
- Front and rear sway bar bushings from PI Motorsports. $91.96 for each set of 4 bushings = $183.92.
- (11/27/19) Front and Rear upper and lower stock type A-Arm bushing kit from PI Motorsports, for $295. (Plus the Hall kit for rear A-Arms)
- (12/27/19) Pertronix stock looking dual point distributor, with a Ignitor ignition installed.
- $700 Thunder aluminium intake manifold purchased from Hall Pantera(1/3/20). (Original intake included with car)
- Holley Street "Warrior" carburetor (Original Autolite carb has been rebuilt with a Autolite kit and is included w/car.)
* I paid the shop $6,450.09 to install the parts listed above
(1/15/20) Brass "Wonder Wheels" from Hall Pantera ($85.00 + $17.68 ship) for rebuilding the stock seat tracks. I installed them myself.
On 2/19/20 Garth at A~n~T Tire did a alignment. Alignment sheet included with receipts.
On 5/10/20 at 30,106 miles I installed a set of ($1326 + $53 ship) PI Motorsports rear axles. (Of course, I saved the originals and they are included w/car).
Also on 5/10/20 I installed a pair of rebuilt factory OEM rear deck lid shock absorbers for $450. (At this point, it should be no surprise. I saved the originals. They worked fine on a warm / hot day. Not so much in cooler temps. )
Extras not installed;
- Brass door window regulator for the drivers door. Its stuck in the lower position. Passenger side has had the plastic gear replaced with the brass one already.
- (5/31/19) Veglia Borletti Volt meter gauge to match factory gauges, from Hall Pantera to replace ampmeter gauge. Cost with shipping was $201.18.
Extra Pantera parts I bought just because / to have;
-used Set of headers mentioned above.
-New OEM Detomaso emblem in the Box.
-New OEM Powered by Ford emblem in the Box.
-OEM Pantera emblem.
-New OEM in the boxes. A pair of headlight bucket brackets.
-used Pair of OEM pedal pads.
-New Detomaso OEM rim centers with lock rings still in original package.
-used Veglia Borletti Water gauge.
-used Veglia Borletti Oil gauge.
-used OEM Hood ornament.
-used OEM shifter boot (was advertised as new)
-used Detomaso spare tire cover
- Detomaso fender cover.
Also included with #4503 are its original owners manual, 2nd original owners manual in mint condition and a reproduction owners manual.
Factory work shop manuals, including Transaxle service manual and 2 different factory parts manuals are included.
A full set of Pantera International magazines and misc. books and magazines will also be included in the purchase.
* Price is  $80,000 (US funds) Serous BUYERS can reach me by TELEPHONE at 503 796 0858.
** Only showing by appointment on dry days. No test rides or drives with out proof of funds
*** Trades?
- NO broken down boats, Rvs or projects.
If you have CASH (lots of CASH) and a;
1967 1968 Ford Mustang.
1964 Ford Falcon Sprint.
Early Nova / Chevy II with a V-8.
1955 or 1956 Chevy 2 door.
Mid 1960's mid sized convertible
GMC / Chevy C10 pick up truck.
We might be able to make a deal...


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