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I've gotten so much info and insights from reading this form, I felt like I should make a small contribution by converting some of what I learned here into a video format.

Last year, I rebuilt the whole suspension on my 1972 Pantera (#3239) and took a ton of video. Finally had some time to edit some of the footage and wanted to share my first two videos on the control arm bushings to help others doing this on their cars.

My 72 only has 48k on it and appears to not have been stored in the elements but the suspension bushings were toast.

Hope you enjoy them and it gets you motivated to do the bushings on your car if they've never been replaced.

I'm also going to cover other projects like pulling and installing the engine, safety wiring the ring gear in the ZF, clutch effort reduction kit, Wilwood brake upgrade that I got from SACC restorations, rear uprights, etc.  Please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to get notified when Pantera videos on other topics post. Also add comments to the videos if you have suggestions that might help others.

Video on removing bushings

Video on installing new bushings

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