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Hello, Im new here, I'd like to start with a quick introduction.
I represent a Polish (informal) SIM race modding group. We are working on a free GTR2 game addon, called RedLine.
I'd like to ask your local community to help us with collecting all needed data.
You can follow our progress on our forum, however everything there is in Polish.

Currently we are working on a few race cars from '70s. Obviously one of the most important cars on our list is the De Tomaso Pantera, thats why I'm writing.

Thanks to Mike Dailey and Mike Drew we know a lot about the car now, however not yet all we need.

To be straight, we are working on a few Panteras:
- Stock GTS
- FIA Group 3
- FIA Group 4
- FIA Group 5
We can call them short (GTS)(Gr3)(Gr4)(Gr5) when posting some details.

We know that Panteras were racing in the USA and it wasn't FIA jurisdiction, rather IMSA, right ?
We are interested in those versions too, however we don't know much about them yet, so maybe someone could give us some tips please ?

OK here is what we still need to know :
(please notice that we need vintage data values from '70s)
(some of those data depending on the individual wishes of the driver, then track specification, other are strongly depending on chosen wheels size etc. thats why we need to know all you can give us, to put this into statistics and lay down general trends.
Put this simple, if U know best alignment setup for some specific tire size only, plese refer all this data accompaned by that tire size info)

- Front(Left/Right) / Rear(Left/Right) Camber (in +/-deg formula)
- Left/Right Caster
- Front/Rear total toe(in/out)
- Ride Height, any however we need to know where it was measure
- Steer Lock Range, turns lock-to-lock plus overall ratio, or even better maximum front wheels angle in deg measured from straight direction to full side turn position.
- Front/Rear Springs Rates
- Anti-sways diameters, structure and maybe rates if not I will calculate this
- Front/Rear Spoilers attack angle
- Differential Power in %
- Differential Coast in %
- Differential Preload Torque
- Clutch Max Torque
- Gearbox gear change delay, time that gearbox it self need to change gear (no depending on drivers action).
- Clutch delay too
- Engine, Clutch, Gearbox (and tires maybe) Lifetimes in race conditions.

We are also looking for FIA Group 4(after '71) and 5 (or other IMSA,SCCA...) homologations papers, engines dyno charts, dampers spec chrts.

I hope that my weak English is understandable, sorry if not.
If someone has any question please feel free to ask.

regards Damian
(GTR RedLine Project chief engineer)
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