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I just installed a voltmeter from Hall to replace my ammeter per the instructions on an older forum post (piggybacking from the pink wire on the oil pressure gauge)... but when I hooked it all up, it didn't do anything. Then I remembered that the ammeter stopped working after I hooked up my one-wire alternator (which I was fine with because I never looked at it anyway).

I'm an electrical dummy (clearly!)... so any help to get the voltmeter to work with my upgraded alternator would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Can you draw a sketch of how you wired the voltmeter up? The alternator would have no bearing on the voltmeter. A voltmeter is simply measuring voltage to ground. The pink wire you connected to for +12 volts should have power when the ignition switch is in the run position. Have you verified that?

The meter has a ground connection in addition to the case being grounded for the light. One post to +12v and the other post to ground.

Unlike the OEM Veglia gauges, the case of the Hall voltmeter isn't grounded, you need to attach a ground to the post marked negative and switched power to the positive post.
If you use the bulb that comes with it, you need to connect a ground to one of the bulb wires and use the stock amp meter's bulb positive on the other side so it will dim with the other gauges.
I ran a "fresh" switched 12V wire from my fuse panel so I can't answer where the best place to get switched 12v back there is.

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