Dear Fans

I no longer have a Pantera but I swear, I swear I'll come back to it one day.

I have a keyholder but it's a poor doming sticker on a round piece of steel with leather underneath, not what I want at all.

I'm the owner of a company who engraves different things with CNC machines.

I have a project to create a really nice engraved keyholder.
I could make several for enthousiasts

But...I need a HQ file, vectors would be great ! So I beg for your help, does anyone has something for me ?

Frederic from France
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Frederic -

I have some CAD files for the DeTomaso Logo, "Pantera" and "DeTomaso" I can send you. I will get them to you this evening.

Please PM me your direct email address.

Regards -

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