Appreciate any help the fan blade or motor. I know now that the big radiator cooling motor is common with '68 Jag XKE. The early motor for the condenser fan is different yet from the 'small' radiator fan, but possibly the blade is common.

Can anyone tell me if the blade looks like that used on Miura/Lambo ? These are still available new.

Anyone know the motor maker ? Just were not that many electric fans in cars in the late 60's, the motor kind of looks like those used in later 70's MGB...but not right.

And yes, I have a perfectly good, reliable fan only a few years old...just trying to get the right look Wink




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Mark and Simon, thanks for your help---yes, the later style fan and blade are much easier to find, and used for a very long time (eg, used on the oil cooler for Ferrari 400i). Yes, the earlier cars used the bracket made of all-thread rod...very glamorous Wink

. The picture I showed is from 8ma1046, a very original car. The other picture below (neatly plated) is '936, I think.



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Hi Lee, the fan remains one of those mysteries - shape is similar to the Moplen part but no real match. 8MA1010 has the common early type fan blade, which has "3763475\11" on the hub but no other significant markings.

The fan motor is easier....clearly marked Motorcraft F-18527-AA. I have never found an EXACT match but there are a lot of versions out there, with different details. IIRC late 60s Econoline vans are a good potential donor. Some versions have the hole in the body (as the Goose does) and other don't (these might be designated with -AB vice -AA). It appears DeTomaso shortened the carriage bolts to 90.0mm (for clearance) and possibly added the aluminum adaptor that holds the fan. Definitely a crazy assembly...I found it hard to believe originally that the motor attachment method was a factory feature.

Anybody know if 60s Fords had heater fans that looked like the "3763475\11" part in Lee's photos?! Regards, Nate
Thinking about this more, believe the white/clear front radiator fan and the rear A/C fan are the same part. So it's probably from Magneti Marelli - fits the front motor perfectly, needs a funky adapter to match the Ford motor.

So correcting above....anybody seen something like this on a Fiat/Alfa/etc?! Nate
Nate, this is incredibly helpful ! I wasn't remotely thinking Motorcraft, what a strange twist. The part number on the fan doesn't seem to fit Lucas part number scheme, and all the Fiat fan I find start in the 4 million range...

Google images teases me, I find the right picture (white, 6 blade fan with center hole) responding to "Ferrari Maserati engine cooling fan OEM" but with a lost link. I've looked thru I think all the 60's Maserati, Fiat and Alfa parts diagrams w/o luck yet.
The truth is out there... Wink Just need patience to find it. Thanks so much for your help, again--Lee
Another thing to keep in mind when trying to 'get the stock look' is, the last 52 Mangustas (maybe starting with 8MA 1136) were assembled in Germany by the concessionaire there. And quite a number of unique parts were used- many from Mercedes that are not found on earlier cars. So "stock" is relative to the serial number.

Just to compare, this is the small cooling fan and (different) motor. I don't remember any markings on the motor (I'm an ocean and several months away from the car, but I'd be gamble that this is at least a common fan blade with the AC)--Lee



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Nate, you were right--the motor is easy. Actually, I cannot find the Motorcraft part number, or guess how it is translated to Ford part numbers--but at least it led me to the -19805-B parts (used for under-dash AC in Fords). There was no logic in the exposed shaft on the back, everything else I saw was covered--so my guess (without explaining why..) was that originally the rear shafts were simply trimmed off the dual-fan.
Will keep looking for the fan bet is when I find it, there will be a motor attached to it Wink




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Just to share the humor...Denis had posted his build sheet, and I was so excited to notice that the "tipo" for the fan motor/blades were on the sheet. So yeah, clear about Lucas and Marelli for the cooling motors, but how to read that handwriting for the fan blades, what are those letters ? What company is that ? So I asked my Italian friend...and the response: Gialla and Bianca... Smiler



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Btw, confirmed also that the small cooling fan and the condenser fan have the same number 3763475/11 ...Just bought one advertised as "100% Genuine Ferrari" (but I could not find any 60's Ferrari that used either this motor or blade...But now, I have an extra Magneti Marelli small cooling motor, if anybody needs just that let me know--Lee

Followup, one of life's great mysteries solved: The small white fan blade used for the left radiator and AC fan was was also used on (wait for it...) Maserati Quattroporte series 1 and Mexico.  Maserati part 107 MA 56488. 

  Now of course, I am wondering what that "MA" means in the Italian numbering system...and why DeTomaso used "8" for the Goose...! Lee



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