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If no one has a set for sale here, you can go to Coddington Wheels and get a set made that are the correct centers and get pretty much ANY SIZE you want. I have a set made by Coddington and they are spectacular! 17" front, 18" rear. Make sure you get the correct center pentagon orientation....some of the wheels were made with the wrong center orientation to get around some reproduction rights. Top photo is the correct orientation. Bottom photo is the wrong orientation.  https://boydcoddingtonwheels.c...yd-coddington-campi/


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The generic Boyd Coddington Campi, that you see on the web site, is not the same wheel that you see in tomsealbeach's posting above. The generic version does not use the OEM wheel logos, does not use stepped rim halves and does not have the Pantera specific, 62mm, center bore. You need to call them and tell them you want the "old", Pantera East style center. Also, before you order wheels, make sure the appropriate tires are available. 335/35-17 rears are getting hard to get. Using 18" on the rear may be a better option as 335/30-18 tires are still readily available with 17" fronts to match. 

David very good points!!!  Yes the design was the Pantera East design and is what I got. I had to get permission from Pantera East to do the sizes I wanted. My wheels are 17" front, 18" rear and chosen specifically for better tire choice. If I was ordering now I'd do 17" x 9" front, 18" x 11" rear. When I spoke to Boyd (before he passed) helping a Pantera friend order wheels,  he told me he had just secured a deal to manufacture forged hoops and could do any size and offset with the billet centers. Not sure if that still holds true?

I have those wheels as well.  Size is 17x8 and 18x11.5.  I had the standard 11” barrel widened by 1/2” to allow for more tire options  (295/35/18, 315/30/18, 335/30/18).  At the time I purchased my Boyd wheels from American Republic Wheels which are not associated with Boyd wheels now if I remember correctly.  If you contact Boyd I would tell them what you are looking for.  When I had ordered my wheels I told them I wanted a stepped rim and a center accepts the Detomaso center caps.  Pantera East did a nice job with these wheels.

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