hi everybody, I'm in the process of rebuilding my pantera engine. Concerning the water pump, is it preferable to ge the FlowKooler pump who delivered double flow rate at low RPM and returns to normal flow over 3,500 RPM or get the Procomp hign flow water pump who provide 35 % flow increase over standard pumps? Any expertise or advice would be greatly appreciate. Thank's
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Most cooling issues are only seen at low speeds - stop and go traffic.

At speed, enough air is rammed through to pretty well handle cooling - if the system is up to snuff, of course.

That said, increased cooling below 3500 rpm would seem the choice. But I have no direct knowledge of either of the pumps you mention; that is, do they really do what they say they do?

Thank's Larry for your input. I didn't decide yet wich one i'll get. Was expecting somebody has already try other than standard water pump.
I got these water pump info from a mustangs illimited catalog. I just bought (last august)and will bring back to life a pre-L. Lot of work ( oups! ) lot of fun work to do.
Thank's again.
I have the FlowKooler pump on my 73, for the last 3 years with no problems! Living in middle of Calif. it gets pretty warm, and with traffic the way it is! Our Pantera's can use all the cooling help it can get! My car runs about 180/190. Also been to Las Vegas twice with this water pump with no problems!

Good luck
Originally posted by accobra:
Does any one have a pic of the pump and impeller ?

I have a Flow Kooler pump in my Pantera. I don't have a photo, but if my memory is correct, the impellor has 16 vanes instead of a stock one with only eight (as I recall). The back of the impellor is also enclosed to reduce cavitation.
I have the Weiand water pump on my P-car and works great. No heating problems in 100-degree stop-n-go traffic either. No bypass so it can use a standard 351W thermostat too.

Here's the blender style impeller on the Weiand:

And I believe it's the same pump that PIM sells:

Here's the back side of a Flow Kooler - the middle one is similar to the Ford 351C - which has the blender type impeller, barely visible behind the impeller backing plate)

The impeller backing plates can be purchases separately too. I think Quella affixes them to the Weiand water pumps he sells:

The Edelbrock 8844 water pump for a 351C uses a cast impeller:

FWIW, I believe Jack DeRyke has had a Weiand water pump in his Pantera for about 15 years with no trouble at all. And several guys in PCNC who run Flow Koolers and have had no complaints and report that they cost a lot less than Weiand or Edelbrock pumps.
I wouldn't buy a Weiand again. It doesn't flow enough at low RPM's making the temp gauge fluctuate quite a bit.

I haven't had that problem. The only temp gauge fluctuation I've observed is on initial startup. Since there's no bypass, the coolant circulates only in the block, the engine comes up to temperature, thermostat opens sending fresh cold water into the block, thermostat closes, and the cycle repeats itself for the first few miles of driving. Once it's at normal operating temp, there's no problem. I've sat in stop and go traffic in 100-degree weather with no problems whatsoever.
With my experience with Pumps .. the pressed steel blender style impeller is use less ... Edelbrock and Flow cooler have a Cast Vained impeller with backing plate which appears to be all one piece .. this is the normal design of a pump impeller .. which I believe would give you optimum cooling ... I think we should ask George to contribute as I think he could also help confirm this ... not that the others dont work because they are on probably 99%of all factory cars.



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