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Good Morning,

My project has turned from excitement to pure frustration the last few days so I'm back for more rookie advice.

I had an issue with the RobbMC fuel pump interfering with the lower water pump hose and pipe, so I removed the hose again.  I've got about 6-8 hours into taking this hose on and off.

What is the best way to put the hose and pipe back on? Start at the water pump and work your way down to the cooling pipe under the car or vice versa?

Next question is that I tried to pull a vacuum on the cooling system to check for leaks before filling with coolant for the first time since the rebuild.  I wasn't able to pull any vacuum at all, but I only let the compressor and gauge run for a couple of minutes.

Maybe I need to let the compressor run longer since this is a large cooling system?  Any ideas how long it should take before I see vacuum?

Last comment is that I went to stainless steel hose clamps to keep from damaging the coolant hoses.  The ones I used are 44-51mm (1.73" to 2.00") so my guess is they may be too large and not clamping very well.  When I tightened the clamps down, I wasn't able to turn the hose on the cooling tubes, so I assumed they were tight enough.  I have a feeling the motor is going to have to come back out and probably have to get smaller clamps to redo the entire system.

Any help is greatly appreciated.




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