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I pulled the front bulkhead in preparation of changing out the timing chain on my Mangusta. I discovered that the water pump pulley has a cracked lip. Is this a regular 289 – 302 2 groove pulley or something specific to the Mangusta? Thanks in advance!

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My pulley is a cast/machined affair, but the engine that I saw for car #760 was a standard two sheave small block Ford piece for 1965ish,****CORRECTION 4-1-16! THIS IS WRONG! 760 HAD THE CAST WATER PUMP PULLEY WITH TWO DIFFERENT SIZE SHEAVES**** same for the crank. Not sure why DeT made their own.... When I pull my engine out next, I will certainly see what the dimensions are in relations to each other. (Ford pulleys to DeT version)

SOME CARS got steel FORD crank pulleys, with two unequal width sheaves. I believe these were 65 Mustang with power steering. However there was never a water pump pulley made by FOrd that had two UNEQAL width sheaves!!!! (All were same width...for two 3/8" belts.)



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