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Two short questions on my quest to have the car not overheating:
1. Just put on high flow alu waterpump, and torqued to 25 ft/lbs, is that the right torque?
2. Found that the right fan doesn't work, it's not a thermostat related issue, because it's been rewired to work with the switch together with the other one. There's + and - at the fan, so my conclusion is that it's faulty. Can it repaired?
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Well I received no answers, but for those interested I found an old Ford book, it says 30 ft/lbs. And I've repaired the fan, fiddling with the 2 coals was enough.

Here's a summary of what I've now done to aid the cooling, amazing it could cool at all before:
1. Tightened hoses
2. New reservoir cap
3. Overrun reservoir installed
4. New high flow water pump
5. High flow thermostat (none was in there before)
6. New hose, the thin one that goes to top right of radiator, old one cracked
7. Both fans now working
8. Adjusted both fan shrouds so they're tight against the radiator
9. Filled with 1:1 coolant/water

The car is not moving more this season, but I hope this does it for next summer
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