I am not impartial, obviously on this car. It is a good buy for what it offers. The main reason it has not sold yet are the Weber carbs. Most of the people who have been interested are timid of them, which is not unusual. I have run Webers since 1980 and have had a very good experience with them. However, I use Augie Delgado to tune them and he makes them run sweet. Every two years I have him tune them up, which costs about $250-300. Dave
Well I have webers and I talked with Augie and I have mine running great, the key is one change at a time. I love them so much I am putting a big block chevy in my kids car, It will have webers. its the wagon...
Thanks for all of the replies. I called PIM and they told me that the previous owner did a "rebuild" but weren't sure what he did as there were no receipts. Also, the "restoration" was a repaint with new carpets and seat covers.

It's on consignment, so it's not a knock on PIM in anyway. As I said, I'm waiting for some more info from the actual owner.

Has anyone taken a good look at the car recently? I wouldn't mind some firsthand and unbiased opinions if they are available.

What's not so comforting is that the way the ad is worded. Usually, restoration means it was disassembled and rebuilt to an extent and there is some level of documentation (written or pictorial) to validate it.

I wouldn't call a paintjob,carpets and seat covers a resto personally. Also, there are no receipts for any of the engine or mechanical work.

The ad info is most likely from the owner as PIM has a great reputation. They were very helpful.

At this point, I think you'd want to arrange for a full inspection to make sure there aren't any other suprises.

Based on recent transactions on various auctions, ebay, etc., if the car was stock, it would've sold for a lot more than $37k.

It seems as if bone stock, rust free cars are really strong right now. Not that modded ones aren't, but stock ones are definitely selling well.

Originally posted by lashss:
Absolutely, that car is amazing. But it's documented Hall build with 3100 miles.

Exactly my point with my first post on the PIM car you're interested in. Here's what I posted:

"I think if the car had a full strip down restoration and expensive receipts from an engine builder, the price would be at least $20K higher than the $37K he's asking..."

Except the Hall car sold for $71K. Definitley on the top scale of selling prices.

Good luck.
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Sorry, I was on the phone ordering Formula One tickets for Montreal next year...the French hold music was eating away at my brain.


I'm with you.



I think the fact that there's so much Pantera variety out there, it makes it difficult. Just decide on what type of car you want, and wisely go after it.

Best wishes with your Pantera search!!

The car did sell. I believe the buyer received a very good car for the price. I knew the former owner of the car and the seller very well. It was a good car to begin with. For comparison sake and how I evaluated this car, consider the following:

Cost of platform car: $25,000.00+
Cost of rebuilt engine: $3,000-5,000.00 (Basically a warmed up 351C)
Cost of paint and bodywork: $5,000 (conservative figure) The appearance was very good.
Cost of Webers and manifold and tune: $5,000.00 (Brand new)
Cost of brand new PIM Heritage wheels and Michelins: $3,200
Interior re-do and engine bay, detailing and miscellaneous upgrades: $3,000.00.
The car had a lot of other add-ons.
What hurt the sale of this car was the Webers, lack of paperwork and the fact that the price of the car started quite high initially. When a car is priced too high and then is gradually lowered, some buyers think that the price will continue to fall into their price range, rather than making a move on the car. Here, we had 3 interested buyers when the price was dropped to $37,995. Final comment on Webers: I am sad that so many people bad mouth them based on limited knowledge or personal experience. I have never been sorry having them. What can be a problem is not having the proper camshaft and other performance upgrades to deal with 2,600 CFM! We hope the new owner of the "Wicked one" will have a great experience with his purchase.
I wish I could say that it was me. Unfortunately, my work schedule didn't coordinate with a trip to LA for a look at it.

The search goes on...

Thanks for everyone's replies.

Dave, I still have the Road and Track Special Edition magazine of your car from 1989. Amazing.

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