A story titled "Panteras Forever" has been located on the forum start page for more than a decade. Debbie moved it today to the website home page, under the link titled "De Tomaso History".

This is part of the preparations we're making to transition to the new HOOP.LA forum platform.
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By “content” if you mean a searchable archive of all the posts from the inception of this site, until the conversion.....

My $.02....

The ability to easily search and find information is what makes this forum stand “head and shoulders“ above all other Pantera sites....

The “content“, not the “bombast and drama” that sometimes fogs these pages. The real technical or historical content, that can be resurrected with a few key words and a click of a mouse, makes this forum one of my primary “go-to” places on the Internet.....

Along with the “Retro Racing Beauties” Facebook site! Have you seen the latest historical video of Jungle Pam? Smokin’ Hot! For example - here is a fine shot of Jungle Pam herself...

We need a little more of that here too!



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