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Hi all,

I need some advice. What are people using for mufflers with their 180 headers? I have been using Supertrapps for years now and they are getting a little dated. I want a good sounding muffler to attach to the headers. The engine is quite built with Webers also and a 618 lift roller cam. Street driven and not tracked.
Not too worried about noise, but don't need any tickets either for excessive noise! They will be ceramic coated. Any suggestions?

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I saw this Pantera which, if I recall correctly was equipped with 180s, pull into the parking lot at the hotel in Monterey in 2006, and I swear it sounded like a WWII bomber radial engine. I felt the sound in my chest. Just wicked.

I never did get to meet the owner, but I know the car was featured in either POCA Profiles or PI International magazine, so somebody is bound to recognize it and, hopefully, post information about the owner here for you.

I would track them down and ask them about the mufflers they used, because the sound is unforgettable.

- Peter
As far as the muffs, the quality is excellent and they are very light weight. I can't attest to sound level yet but I expect them to be similar to my SPF GT40 which is fine by me but I suspect might be a little objectionable for some. There is a dual pass version which fits the same space and is also repackable that would have lower sound levels. I have my tail pipe extensions turned down which also helps a bit. They fit my available space well but are pretty pricey as far as mufflers go but packed with scrubble instead of glass they'll be a life of vehicle muffler albeit slightly heavier than glass only packing.

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