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IMG_2703 [2)IMG_2707 [2)This first photo was forwarded to me from San Jose's face book vintage photos page, and the second photo is of that same intersection from 2019.

Based on the "L" bumpers and fresh Arrivas on that artful dodger GTS, it seems to have been taken sometime after 1973

Was this part of a movie, commercial or publicity stunt? (note all the spectators)

Also note the ramp that was built behind the 2 "launch" vehicles, which are both unoccupied, as well as that GM high flyer (unless the driver has already ducked down) and is that a roll bar inside of it?

Timing would have been everything in this one time only photo opportunity, and if they wanted that Pantera to be directly beneath it, someone was either early or late.

Garth, SJDennis, south bay PCNC members - any thoughts/information/ideas on the origin?


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"Kill Squad" 

An orange (although someone once told me it was silver) Pantera GTS is jumped in the movie. The scene was filmed on Bascom Avenue in San Jose, California. Some PCNC members may recognize the location and some of the local businesses of the time.

Jump to 0:45 in the trailer to watch the jump.


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