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I took the lugs off of the left rear - the car is on jack stands - and tried to pull off the wheel, I hit the inside of the tire and wheel with a rubber mallet but still no movement - it is like the weel is bonded to the hub, what gives? I took out the jack stands and dropped the car to the ground with the jack a few times hoping the weight of the car would cause the wheel to separate from the hub, to no avail.
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The campagnola wheels are hubcentric mounting and have a very close fit. The wheels are magnesium and galvanic corison causes them to sieze to the hub. Put the opposite side wheels on the ground and jack up the side with the stuck wheel. Sit on the ground and kick the crap out of the low side of the wheel with both feet. Cursing while doing so usually helps. Big Grin

I had the same problem except it was the anti-seize compound was on too thick and it stuck like glue. Some quality product hey?

I took my 7" gear puller and unbolted the arms. Then I removed the big screw/bolt and placed the H piece inside of the wheel. Then I rethreaded the bolt back into the H, through one of the wheel windows, and turned the bolt clockwise.

The bolt pressed on the brake rotor as the H pushed (pressed) on the back of the wheel. Interestingly enough I didn't even need a wrench to turn it, just my fingers.

When you get the wheel off make sure that there is no paint on the inside of the hub of the wheel. The paint works like glue too.

I seem to remember putting an extra coat of paint on the inside of the wheel which considering the results was not the thing to do. Live and learn. Frowner
Thanks guys, I will definitely use the WD-40 and then probably the whack with the 2x4. Nazgul - unfortunately the car doesn't run, otherwise a great suggestion. Doug - let's hope I don't have to remove the arms but we'll see, nothing has been easy so far. I will reply with the method that ends up working.
The wheel is off. I put the Pantera car jack with the base over the top-most portion of the rim inside the fender well, the other end of the jack pushed against the frame just above the top-rear A-arm mount. I turned the jack until the wheel came off. The wheel doesn't appear damaged nor is the paint on the frame marred or the frame dimpled or bent.
Doug, just so I'm clear about the gear puller - are you talking about a tool that comes in the Pantera kit (because I don't have it) or a gear puller like you would get from the hardware store? I used the emergency jack that comes in the tool kit - similar to the one in my Dodge etc. Either way, it was thinking through your suggestion that gave me my idea, so thanks.
FWIW guys, magnesium Campagnolos are only about 0.185" thick so take it easy whacking those things with big hammers! Magnesium has the peculiar property of age-hardening- they get harder and more brittle with age, even if sitting on a shelf, unless you anneal them every 20 years or so. This can be done in Mom's oven after the tire & valvestem is removed since the temp needed is only 350 F for a couple of hours. The heat followed by SLOW cooling relaxes all internal strains that usually cause cracking. Sadly, it also turns the paint tan.... Most guys grease the center hole in each wheel to prevent the swelling that corrosion causes. If you've got it, the center needs a brutal wire-brushing followed by Chromate primer and aluminum paint. Then add grease!
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