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I thought I had seen posts on this subject for the GOose in the past, but apparently, I didn't........OR the search function is a bit tossed......

Does anyone have info on replacement studs for front and rear studs on a Goose?   They are different due to hub and rotor thickness........

I know my car had a couple replaced......but that was decades previous abuser.....

Have someone looking......and would like to help!
Ciao 2021!

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Hi Steve!  Been down this road already b/c my previous abuser ground the front studs down, probably because replacement lug nuts were too shallow.

Anyway here's from my notes re. OEM parts.  Never 100% sure but....

Front:   8ea   M12x1.5mm, L ~55mm  (~2.17").   Head: 18mm dia x 4 mm thk; spline section 14.0mm dia x ~19mm.  Stud extends 36mm from hub surface. 
Rear:     8ea  M12x1.5mm, L ~42.5mm  (~1.67”).  Head: 18mm dia x 4 mm thk; spline section 14.0mm dia x ~10mm.  Stud extends 32.5mm from hub surface.

I have a trashed stub axle from an early car and it looks like it would use the same rear studs as 1010...same flange thickness, fwiw!  Regards, Nate


Here is a pic of all that I have...... along with a CRUDE chart of dimensions....

All lengths are with respect to the UNDERSIDE flat area of the head.  Head thickness is not noted in references by stud providers.......102_0817

It appears like #958 is the switch to the later studs......

Another note in the parts book.....   Cars 502-512 used the Italian "bolt" style wheel nuts as found on many other Alfa Romeos, Fiats, and Maseratis.....



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  • 102_0817: Mangusta Wheel Studs- Late / Early

Note- do NOT try tack-welding wheel studs to stripped-out knurls in the hubs, to keep the studs from spinning while torquing wheels!  All wheel studs are high-carbon steel and such welds ALWAYS crack!  In such cases where the hub holes are roached out too far, brand new studs may not fix the problem. In such cases, precision-redrill the hubs.

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