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Make SURE Marino can actually GET the wheels before sending the $$$$$

His Campy clones are by Coddington, and I think they are a thing of the past - Coddington wheels sold out to ??????? and we may never see the PE clones again.

If his GT5 wheels are also Coddington, well....

Buyer beware is all I'm saying. The wheels are beautiful, just make sure he can still get them.

Larry you are correct. I called Marino a few weeks ago and found he only had 1 of the 6 items I was asking for. He was very polite and offered other suppliers that could help me with my requirements.

I read alot of information on the suppliers online catalogs, I just wish they could tell you what is in stock. I also wish they would supply pictures (some do) as I am learning these cars have there own parts identification critique. I am learning though and find alot of info here...
American Racing owns Coddington Wheels and they told me that marino has the exclusive on the group 4 wheels. I called Marino and he says it could be a month or two or more before he can get wheels. I've been checking all the vendors and will go to Las Vegas to see if I can find a good source. The billet aluminum is expensive now so most of the spokes are flat and I'm looking for the older style that has "some" dish to it.
I placed an order for the custom made GR4 wheels ..the deep dished style like on LASLO's car and DOES 200 ... I placed the order with WILKINSON ... they are not the std wheel on every ones site .. they are made from a 6" thick piece of billet. I placed it the end iof January and expect delivery this week. 11 weeks .. I;m not in a rush and understand custom stuff takes time. Just make sure if you place your order ... you do it well enough in advance.
I just spoke with Marino at Pantera East and he said to call back in a couple of weeks. His concern is he wants to make the wheel using a different process and the expense is considerable. He needs to make some sales to justify the expense and the price of the wheels will have to go up. He said to call him in a couple of weeks and he will let me know what his plans are..
on the topic of Pantera East wheels, many of the cars for sale i have been pondering have these.

i suppose i should just call them and ask, but i would like to know if you can put the 3 eared knock offs on these wheels, and get the knock offs with the Pantera emblem.

or, do you have to go somewhere else ( where?) for knock offs and find wheel emblems? all of the cars for sale have 17 all the way around except for one, which has 16's in the front and 17's in the back. i would assume the centers are the same.
but I would like to know if you can put the 3 eared knock offs on these wheels

I can't recall having seen anyone do this, but that doesn't mean someone can't figure out how to fabricate them up.

Ebay has sets very cheap - $50 or so, but they are designed for aftermarket wheels, the ones that have the LARGE center hole through which the center cap is pushed through from the back. The pictured set has towers that are 3.25 inches in diameter, WAY too big for the centers of our Campys. You could of course fabricate your own towers and adapt the spinners to them.



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Hey Reaper, My car had knock-offs like 9191 on it when I bought it as well. They are from Hall and will fit on any flat wheel face. They use a flat plate that goes over the lugs, then a trim piece that covers the nuts, then the spinner screws on over the trim piece. Hard to describe, but I can send you a picture if you are curious. I replaced my Hall 15 inch wheels with Kodiak 17/18. I don't know if Campy's have a large enough flat area on the face of the wheel. The diameter of the flat piece is 5.75 inches. PM me and I can e-mail you pictures. I'm not smart enough to be able to resize them for the forum.
Look at my post "6476 just the begining" .. those are the wheels and those are the flairs. Not an easy job even for the seasoned professional. Yes Wilkinson is where i got them. It took 13 weeks .. I was in no rush but make sure your not in a rush. He made them based on the Tires that are available ... 18 x 12.5 .. the rear flairs need to be cut down an inch to fit properly to the tires.

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