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Wow! That's a meaty tire. I personally am not convinced that is the right way to go.

Maybe the only way to decide is to test drive a car with that kind of setup? Then there would be no doubt in your mind if those are the results that you want.

I remember my first car, way back before electricity was invented. It was a 63 Corvair. One of the fixes the car needed was a hydraulic cylinder on the front steering to stabilize the steering jitteriness under "performance" useage.

The correct thing to do for performance on that car was to stay fairly skinny on the tire. A tire like your talking about might have created a snapsteer like the BB Cobras have.

The Pantera is an inherenty stable car but it seems logical to me that there is a line that you cross that release the demon.

I certainly don't want a car that suddenly oversteers violently. On the other hand I do trust Larry a lot. If he says you will love it I tend to trust him.

Drive the demo first.

I assume this is a wide body Pantera, has to be right?

On the GT5 (10" rims front) I'm running 275/40/17 and width wise they rub on the inner fender before full lock is reached. My tire diameter is 25.7" vs. 25.9" for the 285/35/18, so with that tire both wider and slightly taller at it's gonna be tight in my opinion.
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