...Probably a question I should have asked a long time ago, I think I pulled these down from the "Mangusta International" website a decade ago...I have a total 19 of these parts drawings, all distinct from the factory parts manual that George has cleaned up and offers cheap.  Besides the factory set of 39 TAVs, does anybody know of more documentation? Lee 






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Guys, I just finished scanning in every known DeTomaso Owners Manual (9 different cars from Vallelunga to Guara), and 6 of the 9 possible Spare Parts Manuals. Your Mangusta shots came from the factory Goose Parts 'manual' and they are of higher quality than whats one usually finds, because they weren't a 'manual' but a loose-leaf sheet collection from 50+ yrs ago. The Vallelunga 'manuals' were the same- all in Italian. Hall used to sell the Goose collection and Larry Stock still does- 139 pgs with hand drawn sketches of every Goose part including the nuts & bolts. I put them all on the POCA Archives over the last few months. Quite a job.

In 1975 I was sent 23 of these drawing photocopies (some not so good) by W. Eric  Blower of Ford Service Engineering / Ford Customer Service Division.  He was very enthusiastic about Mangustas and helpful.  He even sent me a new condition original Mangusta owners manual.  I communicated with him several times including phone calls.  In a letter he said "During one of my many visits to Modena, Italy in the preproduction days of the "Mangusta", I had an artist prepare a series of line drawings of some of the body components and I attach photostat copies for your files.  I hope you will find them interesting".


Another drawing I picked up several years ago was the one of the dash, spelling mistakes and all in English...Any idea where these came from? 


Bosswrench, I have a PDF with 117 pages that sounds like the '139 page document.  I wasn't clear whether Ghia had a different set of drawings from DeTomaso....Lee


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I have a large collection of Mangusta drawings, including some original blueprints bought from Silvestro, that I would love to share. Please let me know how.


The question of Owners Manuals and Factory Parts Lists were the subject of two large articles in this month's POCA Newsletter. The individual files in question are not large: the Mangusta Owners Manual is only 15 pages and 252Kb, and the Mangusta Parts List is 139 pgs & 4.5 meg, both as pdf files. Both, as well as tons more DeTomaso info, are downloadable for members 24/7 from the POCA Web Site at www.poca.com. Sign in and go to the Tech Archives.

Lee, the folder of Mangusta stuff I got decades ago with my basket case 'goose 8MA0760, has 118 pgs not including blanks, copied both sides, but did not have the four cartoonish shots you show. Someone 'edited' some of my sheets with english translations. The sheets are 8-3/4" x 14-3/4"- probably a std Euro paper size. I wish there'd been a description of all the unmarked toggle switch functions in mine somewhere. The for-sale spiral-bound parts book from Larry Stock has 139 pgs- more than either of our bundles. Dunno what his source was.

JMM3, from what I've seen of most factory paperwork, they were not treated lovingly during their 50 yrs of storage. All seem to be Euro sheet sizes and need hours of intense Adobe Photoshop work to be even legible... in Italian! I spent months scanning what POCA is giving away, and literally wore out one scanner. You could send me a few shots off-line and I'll tell you whether they are already on the site. Or you could bring them along to the upcoming Fun Rally in Reno & I'll buy you a drink.

Bosswrench, thanks so much for your help--the scan on the POCA site is helpful. I'd guess that this scan is later than the one I'd had, in that it seems to recognize when some of the parts were transitioned in production (for example, 4 different jackshaft housing?) and also calls out the origin or where/used for a few parts.(for example, that the handbrake lever, e-brake clevis and pedal pads are from Ford, or the exhaust hangers are Fiat, even the front spindles and steering arms are Fiat 1300?), Gates  hose and belt numbers... The attribution of the solenoid to "Ford" and the clutch disk to Ford also a surprise... 

 I'm embarrassed to admit, I wasn't a member of POCA until today. The quality of the newsletter is pretty remarkable, clearly a lot of effort by the editorial contributors....Thank You! Lee

Thanks, Lee. For whatever reason, I've been doing the POCA Newsletters since mid-1995.... One of these days, I'll get one perfect and can retire <grin>. When PI had a magazine I used to write exclusive articles for Dave & Linda, too. All just one big family.

On those Mangusta scans, I now believe that they were 'factory done' over a period of time  but probably not as formal parts lists, at least not to start with. They likely combined parts of several bundles. The earlier Vallelunga scans are much the same. More likely, someone at DeTomaso Automobili or maybe Ghia said, 'Hey, the car is really selling. We ought to document some of these changes'.... .  Going by the Owners Manuals and other published paperwork, it seems DeTomaso didn't really get organized until Ford took over 84% of the operation in 1970 and brought Detroit methods into play.

Y'all realize that even up to the '80s, A. DeTomaso Inc kept one of the latest version of every part they had for sale, as a 'working model'. When the inventory got low, they contacted a supplier and said, 'Make a dozen or so just like this!"  Rather than trusting the dwgs to be up to date. Drove us nuts during factory visits when we could SEE the part we needed on the shelf but were told, 'It's our last one. Can't sell that or I'll get fired! Come back in a month and we'll have more".  That was seldom an option for private international visitors trying to score a bargain while on vacation. Ahh, the hand-built Italian supercar biz...

Oh, just trivia, but a reason why "Ford" is attributed as the supplier for the solenoid in the later parts diagram: Euro ford sourced the Lucas 4ST solenoid, as used on Mangusta from somewhere in the 10xx range, provided as a Motorcraft part. So not a mistake, the Goose did not use the solenoid we are familiar with in the US...Lee

lucas 4st branded motorcraft


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