I am trying to take out wiring remnants installed by some goon alarm installer decades ago and have immersed myself in the wiring diagrams and the electrical systems of the car to make sure I do not remove something important.

I know that there is a separate fuse panel with two 30A fuses in it for the respective window motors, but I can't find one in my car.  I have not resorted to tracing wires from the motors yet, but that can be tough through looms.

Where is that fuse panel physically located?  I have an early '71.

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ok, I correct myslef. NO shunt resistor. I just opend my part up. IT IS A THERMO SWITCH with a bi-metal spring sheet which opens up if heating up due to current flowing through it. Limit point seams to be 40 Amp = switch to open.  So a kind of fuse with self repair capabilities. It is marked as 12V/40A in my case (4907 12/ 1972).

I added in my fully overhauled wiring a fuse for 80 amp in the main feeder line going to all other fuses and non fused part of the car, exc. starter cable. Well offering only a ONE shot to open



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