The guy needs a little work on his English... but that doesn’t mean he’s not an American... he is from Florida, after all!

The engine pull strong, transmission shift good, no leaks, no smoke.

This car runs and drives great...just waiting new owner.
Someone call his bluff. Contact him and see what he has to say. Most likely he will give a story about the car is in storage and he will ship it on his dime and give you your money back if you don't like it etc. Ask if you can go see the car. Bet he has an excuse.
He will reply late and then in a hurry and tell you send money blablabla.
Had that 2 or 3 times before. I often do that to get rid of that scams. We have them here in germany also.
Last was a guy from Italy, but born in Indonesia and now lives in Bangladesh. The Pantera was located in Spain and he will ship on his cost.
His "name" changed in the mail evidence I have at least 3 times completely.

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