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I want new (shouldered) lug nuts, but apparently the most common diameters are all but the 0.70 inch (17,8mm), which is what I need...

I found some for Corvette, but those are way too short (shank of my current ones is about 0.85 inch long - without washer).

This kind of nuts are very uncommon in the EU...

Any suggestions for where to look???
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Originally posted by LF - TP 2511:
I wonder if the 15/1000 undersize of the .685 pieces is really a problem?

Have you measured your current pieces and found them all to be a true .70?


Hmm, personally I'd prefer something which does really fit.

Nuts are even slightly bigger in diameter - the overall average is .703.

When unable to find the correct ones, I'm thinking of the use of custom bushings in combination with .685 inch nuts.

E-mailed some companies, but the response was always "nope, we don't have what you are looking for"... Frowner
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