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I have a 1971 pantera #1524. I was talking to a fellow pantera owner and he informed me that there are different kinds of zf tranies. How can you tell which type you have. I heard that the existance or lack there of an inspection plate means somthing is this true? is one type considered stronger than another?
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Hey Alexander,
I have #1295, I was at PI Motorsports last night. Jerry and Lloyd both looked at my car. Their comments (that I caught) about differences between the original ZF and the later ZFs are:
- the original did not have a bolt hole to the bell housing at the center top position
- the original has its fill plug on top (instead of on the side)
- many of the earlier original ZFs have a dip stick for measuring the fluid level.

This is a picture of the first ZF:

This is a picture of a later ZF:

Hope this helps!

Roydon }8-)>

The bellhousing of the early (Dash-1) has
DeTomaso cast into it, easliy visible, near the starter.

On the ID plate (on the shifter box), there
will be an identifyer -1 or -2.

Early bellhousings have 2 inspection holes
at the top, while the later has one larger hole at the top, but only on the driver's side.

Once you see two side-by-side MANY differences become apparent.
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