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Snow White was SOLD!..........
Actually at 45K was stolen by a mysterious/unnamed "already the owner of other Panteras" from the magical kingdom of Ventura, California............

That was a deal indeed, Mike lost his shirt, I guess ADD costs you in more ways than one!

I wonder how long he'll be enamored with the plane!
In free-fall, you get to terminal velocity (120 mph) in about 1500 ft. Guys have survived 175 mph crashes on motorcycles (Daytona Speedway- blown frt tire) and 220+ crashes (various racetracks) in cars. All bets are off if there are solid objects around your vehicle, though.

I always remember the pilot's old saying: "The safest airplane known is the Piper Cub. It can barely kill you...." I've got 3000+ hrs of flying time in military aircraft & I think I've used up all my good luck.
J DeRyke, staying on the ground these days
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