Guys does this place still exist? placed an order recieved confirmation , but not a word since? as i am new to pantera world , just thought id ask
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Welcome to the weird and mostly mysterious world of most of the Pantera suppliers. My suggestion, don't do an order by email, it will get lost in the matrix, do it by phone. Look at your charge card and see if the payment was made. Wait for your parts to show up.
I've only ordered through them by using their on-line catalog. No issues. I didn't receive any updates. The parts just showed up at my house one day. They are closed on Mondays. I agree with RiverRat, a phone call is best when trying to get an update. I don't know what the time difference is but if its a problem I'd be glad to call for you.

You did order from Wilkinson, not Wilkerson, right? Wink
Usually my parts show up before the tracking number email does. Nothing but positive experiences with them
With 'Wilkinson', ordering through the website, the website will show parts 'in stock', that are not.

In many cases it will also show an outdated price.

The only way to know for sure is to phone in the order.

On internet orders, Steve is not the most communicative. Three days is about what he takes to ship, irregardless of how you placed it.

I have always found Hall to be much better on these issues and in many cases having better stock then anyone else. In most cases they have always shipped the same day.

It all depends though on what part you need.

Hall in fact gave me a better price on a single pod dash then Precision Proformance and Precision is the source for them and much of the fiberglass, so figure that one out?

$600 vs $495.
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