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I thought I had this issue of the two piece trim coming loose that I Macgyvere fixed behind me but, no it started coming out again. Steve said it was more than likely the wrong gasket and that was the case. The previous owner went cheep and put the 72 and up gasket instead of the more expensive 71 gasket. I shopped the price and they guy in Carson NV. was out but was going to get some in from Italy and the price was 911.00 + shipping. Steve sold the same one for 600 bucks and I got it the very next day. I can believe my windshield didn't fly out when I was hauling ass out on one of my high speed blasting sessions. R and R only took about an hour, easy pezy Japoniessy using the old rope trick. I told Steve this car was was exceptionally rust free and he said .. No way, Detomaso add rust from the factory and when I pulled the windshield out more than likely I would find cancer. I have been through this car top to bottom, inside and out and surprisingly no rust detected. After removing the glass this is what I found. I have a perfectly good 72 and up gasket for free if anybody wants it, just pay for shipping.IMG_0951IMG_0951IMG_0953IMG_0953IMG_0957IMG_0957    


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I found the same rust in our windshield channel, Donny. That's why I filled the bottom channel full of windshield-specific RTV, since unlike other cars, the Pantera has no drain(s) for that area. So condensate or rainwater driven under the gasket flap etc will simply sit there trying tirelessly to reach steel.... If the glass & gasket is out, it is possible to drill two slant-wise holes into the cowl area- which DOES have a drain, but packing the bottom full works, too. Last pulled my glass in the mid- '90s for painting. No leaks yet....

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