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I used to put 3/4" plywood plates under the A-arms (to protect and distribute loads) and put the car on jack-stands for the winter. I didn't want to leave the suspension unloaded which is why I jacked under the A-arms not the chassis. Lately what I do is to over-inflate the tires (to prevent flat-spotting) and periodically move the cars (sometimes just rolling back and forth a bit). I haven't noticed any ill-effects from my new, lazy procedure.

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Hey Paul,

No continuous heat in my garage, but it is insulated which keeps it on average 10°C warmer than outside. As you must know even better that I, every bit helps in February...

Your car came from Quebec, so it likely has proper antifreeze coolant, but years ago I had purchased a car from the southern states. During our first really bitter cold night it suddenly occurred to me to wonder if the "coolant" would survive freezing. Out came the hydrometer (not the best way of testing, but better than nothing) and lo and behold, absolutely NO antifreeze capability in the coolant! It wasn't fun draining and replacing coolant at 10 pm in a below-freezing garage, but it was better than the alternative. Thank goodness for 24-hour WalMarts!

Paul, Check this out.

We are supposed to get hammered by the same storm you got later tonight and Sunday.

I spent all day putting the P away for the winter. For the first time in 8 years I'm leaving mine outside over the winter. Well not exactly outside. I have a car hauler trailer. But no heat. Checked the antifreeze. Put it in the trailer. Took the battery out. Pumped up the tires to 60 lbs. And that's it.

I have no major projects for the car this winter and it will make life much easier for me to be able to park the daily driver inside.

If it suffers ill effects I'll deal with it in the spring. But hopefully nothing happens.
I know lots of guys that park hobby cars in un-heated garages all winter with no problems.

Lets get an Alberta pantera gathering in the works for next spring/summer Smiler

Doug M

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