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On the right side of the car below the dash and next to the fuse block is a pair of white wires moulded together like radio speaker wires that go into the wiring harness. These wires in my car were cut off and just hanging.  See picture below.  I thought that they were speaker wires however one of the wires has 12 volts power to it when the key is on. Any idea what these wires may be for??


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  • white pantera wires
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We all know the words “not factory” when applied to our cars is often a gray, not definite black and white, situation.

Until I saw Greg’s photo of his zip cord wires I, like Lardog, also thought the same wires in 2511 had been added during a previous restoration in the 1990’s.

during the reassembly of 2511, I was in intimate contact with all of the wiring harness, and there is nothing else like that zip cord anywhere else in the harness.

perhaps it was something that changed later in the production process?

Curious what Greg’s VIN is and also the VIN of Lardog’s car.


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