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Quite a few on here have 335's on a narrow body. Here is my 74. These are 17" Lemans IV wheels kind of a loose tribute to the factory Group 4 Campis that were later used on GT5 and 5S's Personally my favourite of the Campi designs. No need to modify your stock fenders if you don't want to.



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The cloned GT5-s cars on an early Pantera look great if done correctly. If you go this way, pick your body shop carefully. There's some 22 FEET of blended TIG welding needed to do the job, and not all shops can (or will) do this even with cans and cans of sculptured Bondo. Done right, the car will be nearly as expensive as the real thing, and on those you get the much larger late brakes & wheels, upgraded interior, etc. Don't fall in love too quickly- the kits are NOT easy to do.

I have a full set of Kinesis K28 three piece wheels that came off my Pantera, #5253. The chrome was bubbling on them so I had them disassembled, stripped, and the barrels polished to a mirror finish and reassembled.

Original BAT Auction for #5253 with the Kinesis wheels:

They've been packed in boxes ever since, as my car underwent complete teardown and restoration and addition of Group 4 flares and new wheels were installed.

EDIT: Price is negotiable. Just shoot me an offer.

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