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All the vendors sell these quite reasonably, with hoses and clamps included. They are stainless steel which tends to reduce radiated heat into the cabin as well as not corrode. Any muffler shop could make a set. Both are two-piece for easy installation while original mild steel ones had one full length and one two-piece. The stock full length one required the engine and ZF to be removed to change it. Or carefully chop it in half.

...I use to sell the Straight Sections, the Shipping was another Hassle! Just go to a Metal Supplier and Buy 1-3/8" O.D. Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic, NO Iron) Tubing. The Boss is correct, with the Engine in place, the Long sections must be in 2 Halves, to Install. And The Ends will Not have the 'Hose Beading'.

A Tip: Going to Larger Diameter Tubing will NOT Increase Flow, as the Flow is LIMITED at the Opening of the Thermostat! But!! They Will HOLD More Hot Coolant Under the Belly, And Increase the Capacity of the Entire System.

I Bought My Tubes from 'Tubesales', a Local Supplier in California. They are International. Search On-Line.


Remember...Tubes are Measured by Outside Diameter and Pipe is Measured by Inside Diameter!!

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