There isone on ebay right now. Not sure if it is left or right, seller does not know either...
Starting bid of $189.

I have a matching pair I would consider selling, as I found a black set I would use.
Contact me directly with an offer.

(Pantera007 (at) earthlink (dot) net
Damn, I thought that Rolands bumper was it! It's not! Mine seems to have more of a flare on the outboard side that extends to the outside of the fender.

I'm confused about these pre-L bumpers.Just how many different small chrome bumpers did they manufacture? Does anyone know what year Rolands bumper is from? By my description, does anyone know what year mine is?

My 71 came with L bumpers and the owner gave me 2 rear chrome and only 1 front passenger. I'm dying to get the small ones on.

I'd like to thank everyone who contacted me in my search.

Chuck, thanks for the direction.The descriptions to the different bumpers were great.Its very hard to see the differences without the closeup digital photograph like the one Roland posted.I've seen plenty of Pantera with the chrome bumpers and quite honestly never would have known any differences if I had not been looking for just one.

Thanks Danno
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