Am trying to pull ZF off motor today and have run into a very stuborn engine side jam nut at the linkage adjustment point. Clearly this linkage has not been apart in years. With a little umpf and Kano Kroil spray, the jam nut closetest to the zf shifter box jam loose. The other one is a killer. No go with umpf, Kroil spray, and/or heat. I am making the assumption the thread on that end of the adjustment point is normal counterclockwise rotation of the nut to get it off, right? It's not some odd ball reverse threading is it?

Appears to me that pulling the ZF and ultimately the motor is at a stand still until I get that jam nut loose and can disconect the ZF.

Any ideas?

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The linkage bolt is normal thread with normal jam nut on aft end, and left hand (reverse thread) bolt with left hand thread jam nut on front end. On my car, the distance between stops on either end of bolt for proper shift setting is 51mm.
FWIW, I always just pull the pinch-bolt off the coupling on the shift rod and the ZF stub-shifter shaft, and slide the spined end off. That way, the shift shaft adjustment is not gone when the tranny goes back in. Another li'l trick in removing a ZF is to replace the studs on the trans mounts with allen bolts. Then you can remove the mounts and lift the tranny out much quicker.... and don't forget those two little 1/4" bolts thru the engine plate to the bellhousing bottom.
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