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Originally posted by GvilleBill:
I have been watching this particular auction too. This is the third time it has been listed in as many weeks and seems to get pulled off ebay when pricing gets in the 4K range although I did not see a reserve listed! What gives?

No reserve encourages bidding, but if the max bid still doesn't meet what the guy wants he pulls it for some lame excuse like 'error in the listing'. Supposedly against Ebay rules and if he's done it a few times maybe they'll catch up to him soon.

This same item has been on eBay numerous times over several years, including just recently before this auction.

I received a notice from ebay that he got all the contact info from them in response to some request. Name, address, phone number, etc...
(I was a bidder.)

Recently, thru my Registry website, I was contacted by someone asking about the ZF number, since the registry has a database search function ordering by ZF number.
Turns out this guy was a bidder in the past also, and also had his contact info collected.
He chatted with the seller, who was trolling for an amount like $9K.

I hear he has the occasional DeTomaso item for sale at similar (or higher) comparable prices.

If bidding on this particular item does not reach $9K, I would expect him to cancel all bids prior to auction completion, and either contact high bidders, or offer it up (again) later, like he has in the past.
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