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Hi everyone: I have never done anything like this so I would appreciate if you were not so mean. I am trying to sell a car that my husband owns. He had a stroke and can't write nor drive - so I have to do this for him.

The car is located in southern Montana. It is in perfect condition and the color is very nice - if you happen to hate it I don't really need to know that, do I? A 350 BOSS engine is a 351 Cleveland racing engine with 4 bolt (rather than 2 bolt) main bearings. It's been balanced and blue printed and turns 7000 rpm. Approximately 500 hp. The VIN is THPNLY01/02. My husband bought it brand new and has owned it ever since. He drove it very little (it has less than 25 000 miles on it) and always washed it with a chami when done. It has never been on salted roads nor driven in bad weather. It has been kept in a garage under a cover it's whole life. He is asking $60 000 for it. Thanks, Suvi Scott
Check the VIN. It should only have letters/digits. Probably a typo. The VIN identifies when the car was built, which in turn tells a perspective buyer more about the car. Also, if you have any more pictures you could post that would be helpful. BTW, was the picture taken in Montana? Have ski'd there several times, truely "God's Country".
I like the originality of the car. If you are not able to do so yourself, you should have somebody take at least 20-40 pictures of the car, engine bay, interior, under the front hood and any detail shots of damaged, rusty or marginal areas. Having all of the receipts available is a plus as well. Please compare your car to those on PI Motorsports website PIM Cars for Sale and see if your asking price is in line. Because you are out of the way in Montana, it is difficult for interested parties to visit your car and evaluate it. Be careful that truly qualified buyers come to see or test drive the car. You will find that there are a lot of "tire-kickers" out there who have no intention of buying anything but just get some type of gratification hounding you for information. Do not allow anybody to come to your home if you are alone and do not let anybody test drive your car unless they are very serious and have made a deposit. These cars are very fast and in the hands of inexperienced drivers can be lethal. Sadly, the chief engineer and test driver for DeTomaso, Mr. Bertocchi himself was killed when a customer crashed a Deauville at speed with him riding shotgun. If you need more information and sales tips, please call on us for any counsel. We hope your husband makes a speedy recovery. We are sad that he can't enjoy this very original looking car himself. Best regards, PI Staff
Hi again: Thanks Whiplash - I always thought Doug liked the car at least as much as me. It has been his "baby" all these years! He never (in 25 years of marriage) has let me drive it! I'll try to get some additional pictures (the one I sent was taken over 20 years ago). Unfortunately it's raining and snowing. It is supposed to clear tomorrow. Lets hope so. The VIN number is correct -- that's what is printed on the little plate under the vindshield. The 0 before the 1 and 2 could be an Os (can't say for sure). The rest of the letters and numbers are correct. The picture is actually taken just south of Montana next to Jackson lake with the Teton's in the background in Wyoming (on our honeymoon).

Thanks for the advice about letting people test drive it - makes a lot of sense.

The last five characters of the VIN should be numbers. I just looked through the deTomaso Registry. Although this car is not listed, the LY in the VIN says that it was built in June of 1971. That would indicate that it is probably 01602 or 01702. I would guess that the 7 was not stamped clearly and looks like a /. You could look at the plate in the front trunk or it may be on your state registration slip or insurance card.

I hope you are successful in finding it a good home.
Like Whiplash said Montana is out of the way unless someone is serious about finding the right one, then they WILL invest the time and effort to find the right car. I bought mine last summer near Conner, Montana, and yes it is north country but a RUST FREE car and met truly wonderful people. John owned my '74 for 27 years. Unfortunately John passed away 4 months later
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