1972 Pantera project car. This is an extremely rust free car that has had a recent (3 year old) repaint. The paint job is nice but it 72pantera72pantera172pantera272pantera372pantera472pantera572pantera672pantera772pantera872pantera972pantera1072pantera1172pantera1272pantera1372pantera1472pantera1572pantera1672pantera1772pantera1872pantera1972pantera2072pantera2172pantera2272pantera2372pantera2472pantera25needs to be wet sanded and recleared due to fish eyes in the clear. Its a burnt orange color and car was red originally.  Car has 17905 miles on it. Look at the shifter gate and that will tell you by the little amount of wear on it.
It’s all apart and I was starting to assemble the car to list it on eBay and for easier transportation in case out out of country sale. Many items and the trim and such needs to be refinished yet. 
Car is only missing a few items for the ac system, that being ac lines and the evap canister which can be found very easy. Other wise everything else is there for the car. I’ve owned three very clean Panteras and this by far is the cleanest and the lowest mile one I have owned. I have all the glass it is just not in it. All the hardware is in the doors and they latch. Comes with two oem raditaors and a few extra parts. The oem exhaust manifolds are not very nice and have some pin holes which is common.

I will deliver the car and all the parts anywhere in the us for 1.25$ a mile in my enclosed trailer.
I can also assist with getting it assembled and shipped to a port for over seas sale.

Sorry missed picture of engine but I do have it. Missing the carb and air cleaner and that’s it. It's not the original engine from the car (0483) on block. 

Im asking $55,000k for it. Yes i know its alot. But its a very clean rust free car and would be great clean foundation for a build where you didn't have to worry about buying a car that is together and rusty or hidden rust. Not many cars out there that are this clean. Look in the pictures of the seat pockets. The car has seen little to no moisture in its life by the looks of it and its clean everywhere else too..There have been a few basket case cars that have sold recently for in the 30's range. This is not one of those cars as far as the metal condition and such goes.  

If you are serious about buying the car make me a serious offer.



507-317-3252 is my cell. please shoot me a text or call

discotuned@hotmail.com is my personal email  also. 


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sharkey posted:

Good Job Dan. Record price sale. Congrads

Pantera Miami

$30K on eBay, not sure that is a record for this condition?

Car sold for 45k.. Had an offer of 46 out of illinois and a gentleman from france that would of paid 50 for it but first guy was wiring me money yesterday morning and i wasn't going to back out of the deal over 5k and be an asshole...

Thanks Jack for bidding on the car. There was a lot of interest in the car!  


Also the car was originally a bronze car. Been told pretty rare color option for 72, then had been repainted red and was in the registry as a red car. 

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