Does anyone know how I would go about removing this system from my car? I have my dash out right now and would like to get ride of this worthless system. Can I just remove the yellow box with no issues starting and running the car? What other systems does this thing control?

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you want to take a look at the Tech notes drawing

- the key link you need to move is from START (R)/Ignition switch directly to the
starter Solenoid vs going to connection 9... this is the one link to TEST FIRST ...
(the override provides power via 8 to Starter Solenoid if conditions are met)

- the rest of the wiring can be removed
#5 is bypass power
#3,12,1,14,4,11 are the sensor links from the various switches/sensors
The shown relays can go off #9 and then out
- if you want the seat belt warning stay alive you need to see what the wireing is, as there is per
STANDARD a link from the retractors to the dash light. I did remove all this as have
new seat belts without switch.


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