Does anyone happen to have a copy of the winter edition of the 1976 PI International magazine? I am told that it has an advertisement for a Weber and DeTomaso manifold that was bought by the first owner of my car. I would love to either buy the magazine or get a copy of the entire page with the add. I received a copy of the attached add from the first owner's son from whom I bought the car in 1979. It was a fire breather then and we had to tame down to make it more streetable.

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Originally posted by George P:
These are available via the De Tomaso Store. There's a link to the store on the website home page. To order give us a phone call or email.

There are 4 issues per year, do you happen to know which issue?

I am told that it was the winter issue. I'll try to go to the store and see if it's available. Thank you

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