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Originally posted by Cyboman:
I would think he'd be asking a lot more for that Pantera.


Yes, looks very nice and excellent price in US dollars. Anyone know about issues with importing to US? Oops, I just saw it's a 1982, like my Italian mechanic tells me about trying to import these later model modified cars...fagetaboutit.
My personal opinion the car the cars flairs and spoilers are balanced and proportioned perfectly ... not 100% sure why its priced reasonably ... probably because its not a real 5S or 5 ? as long as the work under neath looks as good as the top ?

Panther 25 years makes this 2007 ? Too bad I have to pass this up ... I have a family member in customs in the auto division in Netherlands who could help also ... but just cant swing the cash at this time. But thanks.

I doubt it is the fiberglass flares responsable for the price, it is more likely the economic times in Europe (and the US for that matter). For 6 months now the papers have done nothing but remind people about how uncertain the future is, about how the economy s^cks, and about the difficult times ahead. The European stock markets have had record losses in the past few months.

And due to the banking situation, it is very difficult to get loans which may not help selling this car. I have had an apartment for sale on the Mediterranean coast for the past 3 years.. got a buyer a few months back but the banks have made it really tough to get a mortgage and he couldn't get one... So it's still for sale despite a very reasonable price.

Kind of like this car...
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