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...Tailights?? Contact the Master of Pantera Taillights, Mr. Larry Finch, here on this Forum. He'll treat You Right! He Sold to Me, the ALL-RED Taillights, I Installed. For Headlights, step up to the DOT Certified, Low Profile, High Intensity, Quad Lite, Kit sold by SACC RESTO, this Kit Fits the Buckets Perfectly!.


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As it looks like you are in S. Africa, tires might be best easiest sourced from Longstone Tyres in the UK, Pirelli are making the wide sizes again.

Larry Finch mostly focuses on Group 4 style lights, if he doesn't have what you want I have as tock set of US taillights and the euro style with an amber lens.

The headlight should be  standard 7" round sealed beam unit, you will want to get an ECE version for RHD if for use in S. Africa. I have some chrome trim somewhere.

What are the last 4 digits of your VIN# if it is a 1983?

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...I don't care for Amber in the Tail. Allow Me to rephrase That...My Opinion is...I Don't Like the Look of Amber Taillights, Not On My Pantera! Yes, I Know, Statistics Show, Amber Colored Turn Signals on Taillights, are 'Recognized' Over Red 'Blinkers', By 28%. I Researched the Safety and Legality of the 'RED' Rear Blinkers, and I Ignored That Fact!



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