Looking to replace my current engine. Live in Dallas. Anyone have a new or rebuilt engine for sale 450 plus reliable horse power or good complete block that I can do a rebuild, While I drive my car. Want 351C so I can keep my current header muffler system I just completed. Thanks. Bob
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I am just in the process of inventorying all of my parts for my project engine to post for sale on this board. It basically comes down to, that I have almost everything needed from oilpan to carb bonnet, from airfilter to chrome exhaust tips for a Turbo engine. About the only thing I don't have is a camshaft and the valvesprings to match.

The block is a virgin 4 bolt main block (never bored out). The turbo kit is used but in good condition. the heads are 4V closed chamber heads with Milodon SS valves, machined for pedistals, have hardened exhaust seats, etc... the pistons are Arias with matching quench zone and result in 7.5:1 CR so high boost can be run. The Turbo is a Garrett T-6 worked by Turbonetics... way to much to list now.

I was shooting for around 550 or more horsepower, but the external wastegate can be adjusted via dialboost for less HP if reliability is what's wanted.

I live in Ft. Worth and would be more than happy to let you come check it all out if you're interested.

I'll be posting it for sale in another string hopefully this week for 1st come 1st serve.

Nate Weber
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