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thanks for the question, I will try to answer the best I can.

The idea behind the V shaped perf tube is simplicity.
The exhaust has a free flowing route to exit at the tips. The holes are for sound baffling only and not to flow gas. The perf tube will be wrapped tightly in fiberglass packing and it will act like a conventional glass pack muffler.

With a 1 in sound box 2 out design their really isn't any thing to direct exhaust to the exits unless some internal flow directors are installed.

With a large perf pipe in and two perf pipe out system, if its like the factory ANSA system the gas has to flow through the small perf holes to go from one side to the other and it is not as free flowing.
I think that configuration can be made to work with some modification if the holes were larger and less restrictive.

I am not an engineer so I cant give you the math on all of it but I hope that answers your question.
I was more curious as to any specific differences. I understand the flow ideas and the fact of using the fiberglass to pack (which will burn especially in this configuration). Again in the thoretical sense the flow apears to be more in a strait line. You have answered my question as the ANSA mufflers had parallel flow pipes (and the involved calculations of actual flow in cfm thru the perforations) I was then wondering if your design would have an influence on the sound (dB)

I'm not sure what the sound will be like.
Because of its straight through design I am sure it will have a roar to it.
I am also going to build resonator inserts for the tips that can be removable.
These will change the sound also.

When I get the engine done, I will hook up everything on the test stand and run it.
It will be interesting to see what it sounds like.
Thanks everyone for your comments!

I apologize for being so slow to get things done. Thanks for hanging in there guys! Smiler

On the muffler project I am making it up as I go and it requires a fair amount of fixtures and forms which take extra time to build.

It took me over a half a day to build the part on the fixture to locate the tips and it only took 10 mins to weld all four of them!

PanteraTurbo said it took him years to build his car and look how cool it is. Cool
There is hope for me yet! Big Grin
You know, I worked for a rapid prototyping bureau for 8 years where we had a full machine shop among other things, and I'm amazed to read projects like these where people are fabricating a lot of stuff at home in their garages and shops without the budget of a business. It reminds me to appreciate the resourcefullness of many of the members here. Keep up the great work, and by all means keep posting photos. I love reading about projects like this.
It's been a while since I posted a update to this project so I thought I would.

Not much happening on the P car right now.
Very busy with work and general distractions.

I am going to be moving my business soon so that has consumed a lot of time.

On the bright side, I did have a nice visit from Comp2 when he was flying in the area.
Good to meet people from the PIBB.
Thanks for stopping by Gary!

I did get the 2.5 inch pipes ran from the collectors through the frame so I can start the transition into the mufflers.

That is as much as I have done right now. Don't know when I will get back to it but I will post it when I do.

Thanks everyone for your comments and patience.


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I did get the 2.5 inch pipes ran from the collectors through the frame so I can start the transition into the mufflers.

I am really curious how those pipes, now headed straight down, are going to transition to rear-exiting mufflers.

I feel pretty sure, having followed your posts and seen your skills, it will turn out just fine.

But at this point, I don't have a clue how you are going to do it. Confused

Hi Brooke,
I love your thread: awesome workmanship!
It is my understanding that in order to optimize the higher rpm audible exhaust "wail" of the 180s, you need to keep the two tailpipe exits close together.
I can remember a 180 exhaust Pantera at a Riverside raceway track day event in the early 1980s which had its exhaust tips well separated(kinda how your tailpipes are presently exiting your chassis in the photo). The car had a sharp, distictive "even" exhaust note, but not the hi rpm smooth wail I personally like.(I also own a SPF GT40 and I do personally love the exhaust wail at higher rpms).
I know that your Pantera's exhaust sound is a personal taste thing, and that you may prefer the staccato sound I remember from the Pantera at Riverside. And your mufflers will obviously dictate where your tailpipes eventually exit. The above is just something I'd noticed and thought I'd point out to you.
Again, I'm jealous of your fabrication skills, and look forward to more posts from you.
Hi Guys,
Sorry it has been so long and I haven't finished this thread.

What happend was that I took advantage of a bad market and moved my shop to another location that was 2000 sqft larger for $1000 less a month.I was closed for about a month and a half and it took a ton of time to get everything set up and operational.
Once I was up and going I needed to bring in money fast so I parked my personal projects and focused only on work. Anyone who has seen them can attest to their dusty nature.

I have since caught up with where I needed to be but was given the opportunity to take on more work, which in this economy I took.
This hopefully will put me in a position in the future to invest the much needed time and money that the P car needs. The downside is I still have no time to spend on the P car.

I am still lurking around here from time to time and keep in contact with Comp2 and others on their projects.

I honestly dont have any idea when I will be back to focusing on the car but I will let everyone know when I get going again.
I know a lot of people wanted to know how the exhaust sounded and performed. I also am very anxious to find out.

Gone but not for good Smiler
Brooke, have just found and read your thread. am hoping that now we are in 2012 you have been able to find the time to get back to those thing s that most important in life. (our toys) and have a chance to complete this project, would love to see the end result of your amazing work.
I know how the the days, months and years can slip by. my own project on 4355 got delayed by a good five years when i purchased a new business. But i bit the bullet and got into it again last year, and hope to be up and running again this year.
take care and all the best for this new year.
regards Chris new zealand
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