Nice work Rene. Remember this area decays by dust dropping in to the lower cavity from the upper structure openings/holes. Moisture gets into the dust, sits there and rots the wheel well bottom. I open them up probably more that is needed for a restored car that will no longer be in the elements but I have never had an issue with strength or future corrosion. Here is a shot of large drain holes on a repair very similar to yours.



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Some news.

I work mostly on the bodywork, the inner rear wheelhousings are almost finished:

and I opened the right rocker panel, of course the foot of the pilars are rotten and it will have to fix all that.

To vary the pleasures a little, I also worked on the rear hub carriers, I modified them to be able to mount a double-row ball bearings type 3308-B-2RS on wheel side. Not having a milling machine but having a lathe, I fixed the hub carrier on the 4-jaw plate and I extended the bearing housing from 23 to 36.5 mm width

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